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Are you a business owner looking for website design companies in South Africa? You most certainly came to the right place as we are one of the best and top website designer companies.

We mainly do projects in the Johannesburg, East Rand area, but we can make exceptions to do web design for Durban, website design for Cape Town, Pretoria and the rest of South Africa.

There are quite a few good website design templates, ideas and inspiration you can choose from but it is always better to have a design in mind when looking to design a website, i.e. a certain site’s website design you like.

We have not yet done an e-commerce website design but you can always become our first client for this purpose and let us make you proud with our design skills.

Online websites are becoming more and more demanding, due to the fact that businesses want to create an online presence to serve to their clients. There are many advantages and benefits to having a website for your business.

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Here I will briefly explain these benefits:

Why should your business have a website?

In order to have a successful business in today’s competitive world you must have an online presence. About 40% of the world’s population is using the internet these days to buy and search for new items. This is an amazing increase from 1995 when it was less than 1%. So as you can see that this has increased a lot over time and will increase more and more as time goes by.

Having a website gives your business more global exposure.

How do you benefit as business from a website?

  • Increased revenue and customers: Take your business from being average to exceptional, crush your competitors and reach its full potential.
  • Improve customer accessibility: Having a website you know that your clients can easily contact you by just knowing your website address. When you have new products or services you can easily add them to your website for instant updates.
  • If you add search engine optimization (SEO) to the mix and a potential client is searching for a specific product or service and your website shows up in the top 3 results of google, you will definitely see a return on investment.
  • Having a website increases a company’s reputation and not having a website is just not an option these days. The very first thing most clients want to know is if you have a website. Don’t get caught with your pants down and loose potential clients just because you don’t have a website or online presence.

What makes a website successful?

The website design itself is part of the bigger picture and is a good start, but visitors and conversions are what you need in order to achieve tremendous results. Good copy writing will also increase conversions.

Anyone can have a beautifully designed website, but if it does not drive more customers then it is not living up to its full potential. Therefore, SEO should be a future plan for your business as this will increase your overall rankings and revenue.

It is very important to get your website mobile friendly and responsive, please watch this video and see for yourself why this is crucial to your business. If your website is not mobile friendly, you definitely have a huge problem.


How we select our clients:

We are one of a few web design companies that select our customers carefully in order to provide the best service at the fastest possible time. We limit the amount of projects we accept to ensure the best quality.

Therefore, there is a chance that you may not be accepted as a client. We do not offer website design package prices due to the reason listed above. Our website design prices are exclusive and you must complete our discovery form in order for us to determine whether we will accept you as a client or not.

Don't have a website?

Was your answer yes? Then your business is almost invisible because people and companies are looking for information on the internet these days. What do you think is the main purpose people visit a website?

It is to find information regarding what they are looking for, whether it is products or services. The website is for your customers to give them access 24/7 and make informative decisions about a product or service you promote.

In order to proceed please complete our discovery form.

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Here are 8 benefits a website can provide to your business:

Less Expensive

In the offline world it is very expensive to advertise and online advertising can provide a cheaper alternative, i.e. advertising companies like facebook ads, Google adwords, SEO, ect. There are even a few places where you can advertise for free. Just google it!

SEO is not cheap to do due to the fact that it has to be done consistently over a long period, but it will be worth every penny as this will increase your rankings and could have a huge effect on your sales and profits.


Having an online presence will satisfy your customers making it easier for them to purchase from you or contact you.  Your customers will be more appreciative if they can contact you by email rather than driving or calling you. When selling products online it is much more convenient for your clients to buy directly online than driving to your business and have the products delivered to their home.

Increase in Customers

Most businesses focus only on their local area as a source of clients or customers, but with a website you can draw in new prospects from all over South Africa or even worldwide. With an online presence your business will be noticeable all over the world.


When you have an e-commerce website you don't need to turn clients away because they can purchase your products whenever they want. It's just better than business operating hours. They can do it when it is most convenient for them. Having a website, you know that your doors are always open. Just be sure to have enough information on your services and products.

Inside Info:

Having a website makes it easier to track everything. You will know exactly how many people have visited your website as well as other data. You can also track your most popular pages and test specific pages to see what converts better.

New Fresh Content:

Doing regular updates on content can lead to an increased revenue and customers due to the fact that you are targeting new keywords people are searching for. This can easily be done making use of our website maintenance plan. People like to read new and fresh content when they visit your site and will even share it on their twitter, facebook or google + if you're content is good enough, giving you more exposure.

Improved Relationship

Having a website can increase your relationship with your clients. You can have a newsletter which you can optimize to send to your clients when you have new products or services.

Long Term Clients

There is a huge difference between a client and a customer. A customer is someone that will use your service once and that’s it. A client is someone that will constantly purchase products from you or use your service on a regular basis.  A website will help you gain clients instead of customers and grow your business.

We use the best website design software and website creators like Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Wordpress, although we do not work with Wordpress on a regular basis. If you really need a joomla website design, we can always make a plan to help you… our loyal customer.

How to start a website? It is easy, just contact us for a free quote today. Website design and hosting goes hand in hand along with website domain registration. We can help you will all of these!

So, for a professional web design contact us today and well get to work on your web design and hosting. Choose one of our web design templates or give us your best web page design that you think your business deserves.

Whether you are looking for a small business web design or for larger companies, we are the right people for the job as we will ensure your website is looking professional. We will also concentrate on making the loading speed of your website a priority that will give your website a competitive advantage since people don't like slow loading web sites.

In order to proceed please complete our discovery form.

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Web Design Areas: Cape Town, Pretoria, Durban, Johannesburg, Bloemfontein and South Africa.

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